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How To: Store Your Wedding Dress

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Fitted wedding dress with veil and bridal shoes at La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique.
Photography: Starling Studio

Your dream gown is here, and all there’s left to do is keep that beauty safe until your wedding day! We’re giving you a few tips on how to store your wedding dress before your big day.

Where to Store your Gown

Make sure to store your wedding dress in a cool, dry place. You’ll want to keep it away from any excessive heat or moisture. Try to keep the gown in a room with low traffic, like a guest room or in the back of a closet. Keep it in a space where it’s away from children or pets!

If you don’t feel comfortable keeping your gown at home [so no one takes a sneak peek!], we are able to store your gown in our boutique for a storage fee of $100. We’ll schedule a day for you to come pick it up, give it one final steam & send it home with you!

Wedding dresses hanging at La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique in Columbus Ohio.
Photography: Starling Studio

How to Store your Wedding Dress

We recommend always keeping your dress in the gown bag, hung up. This will prevent any floor damage & excess wrinkling. When hanging up your gown, make sure to use those hanger straps so there isn’t too much pressure on your gown.

Bridal hair piece, duet and accessories at La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique.
Photography: Starling Studio

Keep in Mind…

If you need to unzip or zip your gown, put your finger behind the zipper to prevent it from catching on your dress. The more careful, the better!

Storing your accessories is just as important as your gown! Keep your veil stored in a garment bag hanging up in the same location as your dress. Keep your jewelry stored in a safe place where it won’t be accidentally crushed or squished!

We know it’s hard not to try on your gown every now and then before your wedding, but the wait will be so worth it!

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