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Top Tips for the Best Honeymoon [from #ljmrealbrides]

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honeymoon tips | La Jeune Mariee

The time has finally come! You’ve said ‘I do’ to your person, and now it’s time to head out on your honeymoon together! Enjoying your honeymoon is all about soaking in the bliss of newlywed life. It’s a time to unwind, discover, and create unforgettable memories with your partner. Whether you’re planning to lounge on a sun-kissed beached with a cocktail in hand, explore historic European cities, or embark on an adventurous hike through the lush rainforest, every moment is filled with love + excitement, and we’re here to help you make the most of every second on your long-awaited honeymoon! Keep scrolling for honeymoon tips on planning, packing, and simply enjoying the trip with your person, straight from our very own #ljmrealbrides!

Work with a travel agent

Our very own Marketing Coordinator [and #ljmrealbride], Alexa, gave us the details on this tip! Using a travel agent helps take the stress of planning your honeymoon away – because really, after planning a wedding, you deserve a break! Travel agents such as Bliss Honeymoons take the time to get to know you as a couple, chatting through budget, destination options, and likes + dislikes. From there, they’ll put together itinerary options based on your wish list, travel dates + budget. Once you decide what works best for the two of you, they’ll finalize a honeymoon package for you, with everything from airfare to hotel information, complete with photos, resort amenities + excursion options!

honeymoon tips | La Jeune Mariee

Don’t stress about the money

Another amazing honeymoon tip from one of our very own #ljmrealbrides – don’t stress about the money, this is a once in a lifetime trip for you + your partner to celebrate the beginning of your life together! Now, we’re not saying to break the bank for this trip, but your honeymoon is the time to splurge on a fun outing, fancy dinner, or that hotel you’ve been seeing everywhere on Instagram and have been dying to stay at! The memories you make together on this trip are valuable, and cherishing them together is worth the extra spend!

Do what YOU want to do + go where YOU want to go

The best part about honeymoons? There’s no right or wrong way to do it! While planning a wedding, you may feel the pressure to follow certain trends, but one of the top honeymoon tips we received from our #ljmrealbrides is to do what YOU want. If the ‘typical’ honeymoon isn’t your vibe, that’s okay! What’s most important is to spend the time with your partner doing something that you both enjoy, and that you’ll look back on with fond memories for years to come!

honeymoon tips | La Jeune Mariee

Pack everything before + give yourself some time after the wedding

We know you know it – wedding planning is stressful, and your wedding day is filled with anticipation and excitement! Do yourself a favor + prep for the big trip before your wedding day. No one wants to be rushing around hours before their international flight looking for that one white bikini! Make sure that you + your partner take time to prep for the trip beforehand, and give yourself a day in between your wedding before you embark on the adventure, ensuring that you’re rested, relaxed and ready to go!

Unplug from social media + enjoy the alone time together

Once you finally reach your destination, consider taking a brief detox from socials! Life leading up to your wedding can be crazy, and now’s your chance to unwind and unplug. Take this time to explore your new surroundings, reminisce about your wedding day + get excited for the future! Social media will be there when you return, and who doesn’t love a good honeymoon photo dump?

honeymoon tips | La Jeune Mariee

The joy of sharing these experiences, indulging in relaxation, and simply being together without the distractions of everyday life makes your honeymoon a magical chapter in your journey together! Make sure you make the most of your time together and soak up each second by taking advantage of our honeymoon tips from our very own #ljmrealbrides!

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