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Spring 2025 Bridal Trends | NYBFW Recap

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Spring 2025 bridal trends

Another New York Bridal Fashion Week has come + gone, and we’re so excited about the emerging trends we’re seeing join the bridal landscape for our future brides. In recent years, we’ve seen an increased focus on sleek, clean, and simple designs, and while this will always have a place in the bridal world, the Spring 2025 trends that we’re seeing are anything but simple. Think lots of intricate detail, classic lace, three-dimensional elements, dramatic waistlines, and the occasional pop of color, whether it be a deep onyx or powder blue. Feminine, romantic details accompany these contemporary yet classic elements, seen in bows, ruffles and florals. Keep scrolling for our full breakdown of emerging bridal trends + to get inspired for your bridal appointment!

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Drop Waists

If you read our blog focused solely on this trend, you know how hot drop waists are this season! Also known as the basque waist [pronounced bask], this refers to a bodice of a dress that hugs the silhouette and often extends past the natural waistline, slightly covering the hips. Most basque waists also feature two angled seams that form a flattering triangular shape at the bottom of the drop waist bodice.

This unique style dates back to the mid-19th century, an innovation that was not only a fashion statement, but a sign of the times. It was the epitome of Victorian-era fashion, highlighting a feminine figure with touches of grace and elegance. The drop waist wedding dress is now seen in many variations, and is a style that looks great on many different body types. It elongates your torso, draws attention upwards and gently shapes your waist for a cinched + snatched look. We see this popular style paired with a multitude of other trends, including sparkle, all-over lace, jacquard and much more.

Some of our favorite designers like Leah Da Gloria, Ines Di Santo, Lazaro, and more showed off their take on a drop waist, combining it with rich textures, color and of course, bows!


Big and bold or dainty and delicate, bows are here and they’re here to stay! Inspired by coquette fashion, characterized by a mix of sweet + romantic elements, bows add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to any look. Designers this season have played with color, size, and placement of their bows, to really make the trend their own! We saw designer Monique Lhuillier truly test out an array of sizes and unique shaping for a modern twist on the traditional bow.

Halter Necklines

After Sofia Richie was wed this past summer, we’ve seen more + more halter necklines creep back into the bridal scene! Halter necklines are a perfect option for our brides-to-be who are looking for a sleeveless bodice, but crave a modest neckline. Sweet yet sexy, a halter neckline can be paired with a keyhole back, daring low back, or an accompanying high back with classic covered buttons! Designers like Mark Ingram, Leah Da Gloria, Allison Webb + more played with pairing this timeless neckline with different textures and materials for added dimension.


As we mentioned above, we’ve seen the majority of brides opt for a clean + simple bridal gown throughout the past few seasons. This season, however, we saw the return of stunning sparkle! Ball gowns and fit + flares alike were adorned with shimmering details, paired with airy layers of tulle, colorful ribbon and unique silhouettes, to create an updated version of the sparkly wedding dress. Designers like Netta BenShabu, Lazaro, Jenny Yoo, and Nicole + Felicia leaned into this trend to create unforgettable styles that aren’t short on glitz and glam!

All-Over Lace

Lace is, was, and always will be a staple in the bridal world, but as brides around the world explored cleaner styles throughout the past few seasons, we saw less gowns covered in traditional lace. That has changed with this past Bridal Fashion Week, though, where we saw a return to the classic details, including lace from bodice to hem! Monique Lhuillier, Ines Di Santo, Netta BenShabu, and Dany Tabet [just to name a few], saw this rend re-emerging and ran with it for their latest collections.

Jacquard + Textured Fabrics

Jacquard [also referred to as brocade or floral burnout], is when the fabric of the gown is adorned with slightly raised motifs [usually floral or botanical-inspired], often in the same or similar hue as the rest of the dress, creating a subtle print. This trend adds dimension and detail to otherwise clean gowns, and is perfect for the bride-to-be who loves the idea of a floral print, but wants to stick to a more traditional color palette for their big day. Mark Ingram + Nicole + Felicia had their jacquard gowns perfected for NYBFW!

Colorful Accents

Keeping with the theme of moving away from clean + classic, we saw lots of colorful details in almost every show at NYBFW. Whether it was a hand-painted or embroidered veil, a colorful velvet ribbon or black gloves, our designers leaned into the wishes of the non-traditional brides and brought lots of color to their shows. From Ines Di Santo to Monique Lhuillier’s Bliss line to Rivini and Mark Ingram, we saw an array of colorful accents for bridal looks.


Category is: extra! If there’s one thing about the upcoming bridal trends, they’re all about extravagance + maximalism. Ruffles are a whimsical way to play into the theme of more is more, and align perfectly with the romantic feel of bows, sparkle, lace, and figure-hugging drop waists. Designers like Rivini, Ines Di Santo + Leah Da Gloria showed out with this trend in gowns and minis alike!

Full Skirts

As we mentioned in the introduction, this season’s bridal looks were ultra-feminine, and that includes the silhouettes! Although fit + flares will always be present on the bridal landscape, we saw an increase in grand ball gowns and fuller a-line silhouettes. It’s only natural, though, as this silhouette paired with the other trends we’ve touched on, like drop waists, bows, and jacquard, lend to a romantic and regal feel on your wedding day. Leah Da Gloria, Nicole + Felicia, Monique Lhuillier + Ines Di Santo brought our full skirt dreams to life in NYC this past Bridal Fashion Week!

The trends we’re beginning to see [and will continue to see throughout the next few seasons], give brides a chance to truly express their own style down the aisle. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic looking to fully lean into the princess vibes on your big day with bows and ball gowns, or are more of an edgy bride, hoping to say yes to something colorful and unique, there’s something for you at LJM! Explore the rest of our designers, or secure your bridal appointment using the button below. We can’t wait to meet you!

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