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How to Avoid a Bad Toast at Your Wedding

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avoid bad toast

We’ve all been there, celebrating the bride + groom, only to be subjected to a too-long, cringe-worthy and downright awkward wedding toast. Whether it’s nerves or a few too many glasses of champagne, we’re here to help you avoid the uncomfortable speeches and share some tips for your loved ones who will be taking the stage at your reception.

Avoiding the bad toast:

The best way to avoid a bad toast at your wedding is to communicate with your friends + family ahead of time. Your college roommate wants to share freshman year memories with the crowd? Politely let them know that you + your fiancé have already asked a few people to give speeches to keep this part of the reception short and sweet so that you and your guests can enjoy more time on the dance floor! This is a respectful way to let them down easy and end the conversation on a positive note, getting them excited for a fun night! You can also let them know that you don’t want them stressing about giving a speech in front of so many people on the wedding day, and that you’d rather have them enjoy the day.

If you’d still like to include that certain friend or family member who wants to give a speech, assign them a different role for the day-of. Distributing programs, helping guests find their seats and passing around the bubbles when it’s time to toast lets them feel more included!

To be absolutely sure you won’t be suffering from second-hand embarrassment, some couples opt to skip the speeches altogether. Replacing this tradition with heartfelt letters to and from the bride and groom from their family + friends frees up more time for fun, food, and dancing at the reception, and keeps those stories private!

avoid bad toast

The Dos + Don’ts of a Wedding Toast:


  • Keep it short and sweet! Avoiding a bad wedding toast starts with keeping it short. 2-3 minutes is the perfect amount of time to include a few funny anecdotes and wish the happy couple well.
  • Briefly touch on how you know the bride or groom. Most people won’t know who you are to the couple, so be sure to give them a quick story about who you are to them! Just remember, this is about them, not you!
  • Speak to both members of the couple. Even though you may be besties with the bride, it’s the groom’s big day too! Include moments about when you first met them as a couple, how your best friend knew they were ‘the one’ or what you love most about them together!
  • End the toast on a joyful note! Once you’re done with the speech, raise a glass and welcome the rest of the crowd in toasting to the newlyweds


  • Have too much to drink before the speech
  • Refer to previous partners of the bride or groom
  • Say anything inappropriate
  • Go in unprepared
  • Embarrass the bride or groom

Now that you’re prepared to handle any guests who want to give an impromptu speech and are armed with tips to make the toasts you will have the best, send this post to your fiancé and bridal party to spread the advice!

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