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Everything You Need to Know About Trunk Shows

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Bridal trunk shows are when a boutique brings in a new collection, or more complete selection, from a featured designer. This is a limited time event, usually only for a week or weekend! While our boutique carries a wide selection of bridal gowns from each of our 20+ designers, this is your time to see a broader range of styles from a designer that’s caught your eye, as we often don’t have the boutique space to carry a full season’s collection from each designer.

For trunk shows, a designer will send an entire collection – sometimes up to 30 gowns – to our Columbus bridal boutique to give our brides a chance to shop from a broader range of styles. The collections brought to trunk shows are often exclusive styles straight from Bridal Fashion week, and may even extend past the traditional ceremony looks into bridal minis for your reception or rehearsal dinner!

Some of our most exclusive designers, like Nicole + Felicia, Netta BenShabu, Leah Da Gloria, and Monique Lhuillier for example, can be found in a limited number of boutiques around the country. We are one of the very few retailers in the Midwest who carry them and host trunk shows. Our brides can get a luxury experience without having to travel to New York or Chicago!

 If there is a specific designer you love, a trunk show at La Jeune Mariee is the perfect opportunity to find your dream gown!


As we mentioned above, when you book a bridal trunk show appointment, you get to try on a broader range of styles from the featured designer, and you may be the very first to try on (and say yes to) one of their latest styles! Don’t worry, though, if you have a trunk show appointment, you’ll still be able to try on gowns outside of the trunk show selection.

In addition to the selection, we typically offer a special discount from the featured designer during our trunk show event, and occasionally, a direct representative of the designer, or the designer themselves, will join us for their trunk shows! This is the perfect chance to chat with them about customizations that you normally wouldn’t have the option to do! For example, if you’re loving the top of one gown and the skirt of another, you’ll be able to directly inquire with the design rep, or the designer, if that change is possible.

And for those inquiring minds, brides who book trunk show appointments are still able to try on other gowns outside of the trunk show selection! Your stylist will work with you to keep pulling options that are within your price range and align with the details you’re loving in your appointment.

everything you need to know about trunk shows
Watters Trunk Show, March 2024


Do your designer research

Here at La Jeune Mariee, we carry a wide variety of designers and styles. Be sure to browse our designer list and preview their collections before determining which trunk show you’d like to attend. Keep in mind, however, that trunk show gowns still take about 6 – 8 months to arrive after you say yes, so if waiting for a trunk show to arrive at our boutique puts you in too tight of a timeline, you can always give us a ring to chat options with a stylist! Our trunk show lineup is stacked, and doing your designer research prior to shopping will help you decide which trunk show will be the best for you + your price point.

Secure your appointment as soon as possible

After digging into designers and nailing down which trunk show is best for you, snag that trunk show appointment! Even if it’s still a few months away, our boutique has limited appointments available, especially on trunk show weekends. Plan ahead with your loved ones you know you want in attendance at your bridal appointment and secure your trunk show appointment as soon as you can!


Trunk shows began when designers would travel to boutiques with their latest collection in, you guessed it – trunks. The name has remained the same but the event has evolved into a unique bridal experience! Trunk show weekends are all hustle & bustle. We are typically fully booked in advance with a waitlist – so plan ahead!


These events are not only for bridal gowns, but accessories as well. Our accessory designers bring a selection of pieces that we don’t normally carry at the boutique, and almost always attend the event in-person to assist in styling your very own bridal look!

everything you need to know about trunk shows

When you book a trunk show appointment, you get to try on a broader range of styles from the featured designer, and you may be the very first to try on (and say yes to) one of their latest styles.

Click below to see our latest trunk shows + to book your appointment!

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